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"Yeke Corporation", founded in March 1994, was reorganized as a holding corporation - Yeke Technology Co., Ltd. in September 2007. Currently, Yeke Corporation has developed from a company engaged in steel trading into a high-tech private-owned enterprise specializing in special metal materials industry and developing science, engineering and trading simultaneously.

At present, Yeke has set up branches and industrial bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yanjiao Development Zone in Hebei and so on, which are respectively engaged in steel trading (sales, processing and distribution); development, production and sales of non-crystalline and nanocrystalline strip material and its magnetic core products, special strip materials and target materials, and so on.





"Yeke Company" was born on March 9, 1994
In June 2000, Beijing Yeke Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.
In September 2000, Shenzhen shengke steel processing co., ltd was established (changed to Shenzhen yke steel processing co., ltd. in 2008)
In October 2003, Yeke Metal Co., Ltd. was established.
Shanghai yechuang steel processing co., ltd. was established in April 2006 (changed to Shanghai yechuang steel processing co., ltd. in 2008)
In September 2007, Yeke Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
In November 2007, Beijing Metallurgical Steel Trading Co., Ltd. was established.
In July 2009, Beijing yke magnetic materials co., ltd was established.

Beijing yke electromagnetic energy new technology co., ltd was established in February 2021




Metallurgical Mission:


create value for customers, realize value for employees, add value for shareholders, and contribute value to society




Metallurgical Culture:


Honesty and trustworthiness, being kind to others, advocating innovation and striving for perfection




Metallurgical Vision:


Become an Excellent Enterprise




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Main Products

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