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Yeke Metal Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2003, focusing on the production and development of special metal strips with high plate quality, high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality. At present, there are two main products: one is precision stainless steel strip (mainly 300 series), mainly ultra-thin and ultra-hard stainless steel strip (SUS301), which represents stainless steel strip for springs and clockwork with high precision, high elasticity and high fatigue resistance above HV560; Stainless steel strip for polishing cutting plate with high flatness and high finish: high-hardness, non-magnetic spring shrapnel and stainless steel strip for cutting plate: another type of product is iron-nickel precision alloy thin strip, mainly produce 4J36, 4J42, 4J29, IJ50, IJ51, etc. The representative products are integrated circuit lead frame materials, diaphragms and etching materials for electronic components.

Company's equipment is all imported from Japan, Germany, Britain, etc., mainly including Sengzimir 20-high rolling mill, Kobe Steel 12-high rolling mill, 4-high rolling mill, 2 horizontal continuous bright annealing furnaces, TA tension annealing furnaces, SR multiple stress relief annealing furnaces, anhydrous environmental protection high-speed cleaning lines, Germany 23-high-speed stretch bending straightening machine, 1 set of 1600mm Italian shear lines and multiple Japanese high-precision shear lines, etc, it is also equipped with scanning electron microscope, metallographic microscope, Vickers hardness tester, tensile testing machine, dilatometer and other test and testing equipment.

company implements standardized and standardized management, and strives to build a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, high-standard and high-quality high-tech enterprise. It has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, the ISO14001 environment management system and the OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management system.

After several years of development and growth, Yeke Metal Co., Ltd. has become one of the important manufacturers in the field of special metals in China.





Main Products:


precision stainless steel belt
iron-nickel precision alloy thin strip




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Main Products

Main Products

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