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Located in Yangzhen Industrial Park, Shunyi District, Beijing City, Beijing Yeke Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, production and sales of non-crystalline and nanocrystalline strip and its iron core products.

The major strip products include iron-based nanocrystalline and non-crystalline strip materials with the thickness of 20~40μm and width of 2~80mm at different specifications and different grades. Iron core products mainly include current transformer core, high frequency transformer core, switching power supply transformer core, high-current opening inductor core, precision instrument current transformer core, common mode choke core, differential mode inductance core, C-core and so on. The Company attaches great importance to technological progress and innovation, with an aim to meet user requirements for product variety and quality. Our customers are distributed across 25 provinces and cities, and some products are exported to East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Over the years, we have been persisting in strict demands on ourselves with "best quality and service". Our products and projects have received a number of honorable titles such as "3rd Prize for Beijing Golden Bridge Project", "Beijing High-tech Achievement Transformation Project", "National Key New Product Projects", "3rd Prize for Beijing Science and Technology", "The Most Innovative Companies","The Most Innovative Enterprise Achievement Award","Advanced Private Enterprise"and "Beijing A-class Tax Credit Enterprises" and so on. In addition, the Company has been repeatedly named "First Prize for Science and Technology Award in Shunyi District", and "Beijing Torch Program Project".


1、Strip Products 
     Precision current transformer core, precision instrument current transformer core, magnetic amplifier core strips
     Common mode choke core strip
     High-frequency power transformer core strip


2Non-crystalline alloy strip series
     Strips for acoustic-magnetic anti-theft label and intermediate/soft magnetic label
     Strips for reactor core


1、Current transformer core
2、Common mode choke core
3、High-frequency power transformer core
4、Reactor core
5、Magnetic stripe

Main Products

Main Products

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