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Beijing Yeke Steel Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional agent of Shanghai baoshan iron & steel Co., Ltd. It mainly sells products such as electro-galvanized fingerprint-resistant steel strip, cold-rolled high-strength steel strip, special steel strip for battery case and enamel steel strip produced by Baosteel. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "creating value for customers" and wholeheartedly provides customers with the best processing, distribution, technical support and other services, which has won the trust of the majority of users.

Company has set up processing and distribution centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively. According to the needs of customers, processing and distribution are carried out on time with good quality and quantity.





Main Products:



Target series
Sputtering target series:
ITO targetNbOx target 、IZO target 、AZO targetSi target 
Vapor deposition target series:small cylindrical ITO target   ITO small particles  

Nano-powder series:
ITO nano-powders 
IZO nano-powders   
AZO nano-powders


Main Products

Main Products

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